Transaction Information
Txhash 0x0fa71273d0cc4ac3067aa0d91e5907ab6126cbb394107829ccdc12f61b6e6e56
Height 12623237
Timestamp 1 day 15 hrs ago (Jan-14-2021 11:34:40 +UTC)
TxReceipt Status Success
From 0x5515586CC48D51D1281D788a76532E29883E0912
To Contract WanSwap: Router
Token Transfer
From WanSwap: Router To WSLP For 778.8 WWAN
From WSLP To 0x5515586CC48D51D1281D788a76532E29883E0912 For 9730.603967274669272309 WASP
Type public
Gas Used 146,924
Gas Price 1 Gwin
Actual Tx Cost 0.000146924 WAN
Value 778.8 WAN
Nonce 0
Input Data